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Older gouttes & goûts readers may be looking at their screens with a bit of irritation right now, others may have guessed it already: gouttes & goûts has transformed in the last couple of weeks looking at our maintenance screen meanwhile. Not only did our website design receive an upgrade but we also decided to switch our main language from german to english. Why so? It’s as simple as it gets: we aim to spread our wine enthusiasm amongst a more and more international audience.

Stefanie, founder of gouttes & goûts, has left german-speaking ground to discover France from the inside of its big wine producing belly and experience french culture right at its heart and nerves, somewhere in Champagne. Our business concept has grown meanwhile, today we offer guided wine tours, tastings in different regions and reach further out into this huge wine universe. Along this exciting way of meeting other wine cultures and traveling our way through the deliciousness of this world we have come to meet many new wine lovers, food lovers, champagne lovers and other passionate epicureans who asked to read our articles, to contribute, to take part in our culinary journey. After a while of contemplating, redefining and discussing ideas we made up our minds to evolve and turn our communication into the most universal language at hand: english.

You can still find our articles in german language by clicking on the translation buttons (or click here to see the german website version). Old articles will be translated into English and added piece by piece, so please bare with us while the english website version is still a bit empty. However, all of our new articles will be published in english.

Get ready for a lot of exciting stories to come who have accumulated in our transition phase. We’re happy to take you with us on our international voyage culinaire and hope to see you again soon!

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