About Stefanie Köhler

Stefanie Köhler

Epicurean, Wine & Food Writer, Champagne Insider, Culinary Creative.

It was the promise of inspiring French Cuisine that brought me from Germany to Lyon in 2012, right into its heartbeat at Institut Paul Bocuse where I trained my culinary creativity and refined my sense of taste. However, unplanned side roads led me away from being a food entrepreneur and made me discover my love for wine, especially those grown in Champagne and Burgundy. And a few unplanned wine certificates later wine was the reason for me to move to Champagne and discover its effervescent heritage from within.

As a professional wine writer, food connoisseur and culinary creative I share my insights, experiences and knowledge on wines, their terroirs and culture in print magazines, online articles, blog posts, culinary tours, wine tastings, seminars and other creative concepts.

I believe it‘s the mastered handicraft, endless hours of hard work and the continuous effort that make for a wine‘s quality – but only the story of its cultural heritage, the soul of its growers, producers and its sense of place turn it into something truely unique.

Champagne Master-Level Certified with Highest Honors 
Currently Working on Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Diploma 
Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 Advanced Certificate with Highest Honors

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